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Music and Entertainment Law - Mortlock McCormack Law | Property and Commercial Law | Christchurch, New Zealand

Music and Entertainment Law

Are you a musician, vocalist, band member, manager, producer, or venue owner?

Is there a record, publishing or licence deal on the table with major long-term implications?

Are you unsure whether you are getting a fair deal with your music or need someone to negotiate a contract on your behalf?

Your reputation is everything in the music business. The entertainment industry is complex, and full of twists and turns. No matter what type of contract, deal or opportunity you are presented with, it pays not to take risks with your creative material.

You need an experienced professional on your side who understands the importance of your music and will help you get what you deserve.

The good news is we advise and help protect the rights of some of the leading musicians, labels and entertainers throughout New Zealand and Australia.  Our clients know that we will advocate for them and act with their best interests in mind.  This means you can then focus on doing what you love.

We explain legal issues to you in plain English, without all the legalese.  You can trust us to help you with music and entertainment industry contracts, negotiations and advice (no matter how big or small the agreement might be) including:

  • Recording, publishing and licensing agreements;
  • 360° deals;
  • Songwriter agreements;
  • Management agreements;
  • Band partnerships;
  • Producer agreements;
  • Performance and booking agreements; and
  • Distribution and broadcast deals and media talent arrangements.

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